Guessing game

                                                        Guessing game 

Guessing game 1

   It's a big and strong mammal. It has got  small eans  and a long tail. It's live all around the world.

It's viviparous becaus it gives brith. It's hair's colour is black, brown, white or greyn .it can run 10km/h.

We can ride it.


Marta Recio 

Yellow gruo 3. cycle 

Guessing game  2

It is small. it's. is a viviarous because it give brith. it has got small ears a short tail and 4 hegs 

it live in the houses and it eats specias food for animals. it is a pet. It can run and jump very good . you can walk it.


Laura Sanchez 
Yellow group 3. cycle. 

Guessing game 3

It's big and strong. it's amammal. it's a viviparous. It colur is yellow with has got long leg and small ears. It lives in the savannah in africa. It can jump but he cant fly.

Hatim Abdul 

Yellow group 3. cycle.                                                                              

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