postal card

To: Ivan Garcia
From: Sergio
My name is Sergio,I´m from spain.
I´m 11 years old, my birthay is 16 th November 
I´ve got a short browm hair and small browm eyes.
I´m waearing a watch and i´m not wearing earrings.
I go to Landako schol.
I like playing football. From Sergio

Sergio Proy
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Selena Marie Gomez

She was born in the USA, on 22 nd of June 1992. 
She is an actress in the television and cinema.
La foto es de: http://www.google.es/imgres?q=selena+gomez
She is a singer and a fashion desinger. She is 19 years old and she started her career when she was 7.
Her mother acted in theatres and since then Selena wanted to be like her mother.

Elen Alonso
Urdin iluna
3. Zikloa
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