He's an orange cat. He's big and fat! He likes sleeping. He sleeps all day. He was born on 19th June 1978. He's very clever, much cleverer than humans and other animals. He loves eating. He adores lasgne. It's his favourite food. He hates Mondays, spiders and diets. He's very famous. People read about him in over 2.600 newspapers all round the world. Around  263 million people read about him every day! He's a TV star and a film  star too. He had a TV
 series and then in 2004 and 2006, he starred in two fils.

This funny, orange cat is the world's favurite comic strip. Garfield's humour makes people laugn all over the world.

 Lier Ansoleaga and Deiane
purple group.

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